Breakout Sessions


PACE is pleased to provide informative and innovative breakouts in four different tracks:

  1. Technology and Other Channels: Using Emerging Channels and Interactive Technology to Enhance Customer Experience
  2. Customer Experience: Enhancing Customer Experience to Drive Loyalty
  3. Operations/Customer Engagement Management: Contact Center Management Success for Today’s Challenges
  4. Compliance: Adapting Your Customer Engagement Strategy Within a Highly Regulated Environment


Monday, April 3

Session A
11:00 am – 11:45 am

Track Session Speaker Session Description
Technology Preston FaykusCEO & Founder
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Identify Customer & Agent Feelings to Predict Future Behavior

Contact centers are using Predictive Voice Analytics for the first time to do to three things for them... identifying which customers are at-risk, which customers will buy more, and which agents may help, or hurt, their business.  At last it is now possible to capture the feelings and emotions of prospects, customers and agents using Artificial Intelligence.  No longer do call centers need to rely solely on human observation, subjective opinions or random sampling.  Artificial Intelligence can tell you how customers and agents are feeling before they act so you can intervene with intention.  Learn how Contact centers have increased agent productivity and customer conversion rates by as much as 63%.
Customer Experience Brandon Sailors, Executive Director, Financial Services Vertical
CSG International
The Financial Impact of Digital Disruption on Your CX

Elevate the customer experience, meet your customers in the digital world, and manage costs. CSG has been focused on helping our customers navigate the impact of digital disruption by creating better customer experiences across the channels that consumers are demanding.  Blending multi-channel access with online & offline data analytics to provide personalization and improve the customer experience.  During our time, we will provide use cases that discuss how providing personalization via multi-channel solutions has led to successful implementations for our banking, cable, and entertainment clients.
Operations/Customer Engagement Management Robert J Smith, VP of Sales & Marketing - Medicare
Independence Blue Cross
Maximizing Sales Call Center Agents – Shared Services Model
Many organizations struggle with maximizing sales agents' time on the phones engaged in customer interactions. Exploring ideas of shared service model and post-sale customer engagement work - Independence Blue Cross has been in the forefront of exploring and implementing innovative solutions to keep telesales agents engaged. At this session you will explore ways to maximize your sales agents' interactions with customers leading to increased outcomes by agents while decreasing your administrative costs.
Compliance Marc Roth, Partner and Co-Chair, TCPA Compliance and Class Action Defense Group
Manatt Phelps & Phillips
Victoria Butler, Director, Consumer Protection Division
Office of the Florida Attorney General
Regulatory Hot Buttons Impacting Contact Centers
A must attend session for any company that communicates with consumers by telephone.  Attendees will hear from the current director of the Florida Attorney General Consumer Protection Division and a former FTC attorney on current telemarketing enforcement trends, how regulators view the role of vendors and service providers in deceptive calling campaigns and best practices to avoid liability.


Session B
2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

Track Session Speaker Session Description
Technology Mike Mings, CEO and Co-Founder
A Seat at the Table: Moving Contact Centers to the C-Suite with AI

While more than 80 percent of customer interaction occurs via phone, these conversations are very rarely discussed in the board room. Do your executives have any idea what your customers are telling you about your brand? Why sales are down and customer churn is up? YOU know that the causes and cures are all there in those phone calls. YOU know which metrics drive a positive customer experience and which ones cause customers to become DISloyal.  But, how do you quickly extract the gold from this “dark data” and derive insights from the true voice of the customer AND the voice of your company – Information you need to deliver an expected brand experience and positively impact your company’s bottom line?

Mike Mings, CEO of Tethr, will share real-world transformation stories of contact center leaders who have leveraged insights from customer calls to make a positive impact on customer experience and loyalty and, ultimately, moved the contact center function into the C-Suite.  Hear how they have put artificial intelligence (AI) to work for them to analyze every phone conversation in real time, and provide leadership with actionable, searchable insights based on the actual voice of the customer. Learn how you can more successfully quantify the positive impact your organization has customer and company success.  
Customer Experience Peter Ryan, Principal
Ryan Strategic Advisory 
Leveraging Opportunities in the Age of Multichannel Delivery
With consumers wanting to connect with enterprises across more channels than ever, the challenge for contact center managers has never been tougher.  More and more, CRM professionals are being asked to drive long-term customer loyalty, collect relevant information and ensure exceptional experiences in a more challenging channel environment.  In this presentation, Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory will outline key considerations when developing a multichannel strategy in 2017 and beyond.  Key themes discussed include vertical channel preferences, consumer demographics, emerging versus established channels, the role of analytics, and the emergence of automation.
Operations/Customer Engagement Management Jeff MyersVice President Call Center Sales Operations
Sirius XM Radio Inc

Dan Balistierri,
formerly of Mastercard  
New Partnership Model vs. Traditional Vendor Management 
An interactive discussion about the benefits of evolving your outsourcing relationship from managed vendor to that of respected business partner.  Among the topics to be discussed:
  • Governance approaches that underpin what a partnership model provides 
  • How compensation models can evolve beyond basic incentives to shared risk/reward 
  • Blending of roles and responsibilities that support common partnership objectives
  • Characteristics of outsourcing companies that have that business partner mentality 
  • Why partnerships works and why vendor management fails 
Compliance Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist
Mark Mallah, Chief Counsel
Boris Grinshpun, Director of Product Management
Tom Nowaczyk, Senior Product Manager
Innovative Solutions to Risk Mitigation that Enhance the Consumer Experience

As compliance requirements and costs continue to mount, is there a way to address these challenges while improving the consumer experience? Despite growing studies finding consumers do prefer being reached on different contact channels (e.g. SMS and email), contact centers remain hesitant in just how to leverage these growing channels, especially given increasingly complex regulations such as the TCPA, CFPB, and PCI.
How can businesses utilize consumer contact preferences effectively while minimizing their exposure to costly litigation? Join industry contact center legal and operation experts as they discuss innovative approaches being used across the industry. In addition, panelists will discuss the key trends in the regulatory environment and how that may change future consumer engagement strategies. 

Session C
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm


Track Session Speaker Session Description
Technology Cliff Holsenbeck, Product Management Director – Common Short Codes Administration
Creating a Compliant Direct Line of Customer Engagement Through Text Messaging

The mobile channel is by far one of the most effective ways for customer service organizations to engage consumers. According to Pew Research, 92 percent of U.S. adults own a mobile device with 68 percent owning a smart phone. Yet, many organizations are still determining the best way to reach potential customers. SMS and MMS marketing has become a method of interest, but how can these organizations engage via text messaging without violating current mobile regulations? During this presentation we’ll discuss these challenges and explore tools and techniques available, enabling them to engage consumers via text messaging while staying compliant.
Customer Experience Vickie Cosby, Vice President, Consumer Direct Sales, Distribution and Communications
CareFirst BCBS
Roger van Baaren, Vice President, Medicare and Individual Market Sale
Excellus BCBS
Steve Weston,Sr Consultant 
Epic Connections 
How Healthcare Organizations Adapt to Highly Regulated and Frequently Changing Environments to Ensure Consistency in the Delivery of Customer Experience
Operations/Customer Engagement Management Carmit DiAndrea, Director, Customer Contact Analytics 
Charter Communications  
Leveraging Speech Analytics Technology to Impact Key Customer and Business Drivers
Technology is enabling companies to capture a rapidly growing amount of data about customers, prospective customers, competitors, product and channel preferences.  But along with the availability of data, there is increased pressure to convert that data into actionable intelligence, and quickly!
Customer perception drivers behaviors – in this case repeat calls, truck rolls, decreased monthly billings, and ultimately defection.  This case study demonstrates Speech Analytics’ ability to increase speed to insights, which when combined with an organizational commitment to acting on insights, can result in transformative change – for the organization and its customers.
Compliance PACE Government Affairs Committee Panel - Robert Kobek, Chair
Victor You
Nicole Ehrbar
Michele Shuster
Ken Sponsler
Government Affairs Live: Open to All Attendees -Advocacy IS Action

What does the future look like in this new political environment where regulations are under attack and activity is happening to benefit our community for a change? You are encouraged to join this important committee meeting to gain a view of the many fronts this group of PACE volunteers are advocating to federal and state legislators and regulators.  This session is the report out of the 2017 Government Affairs Strategic Plan.


Tuesday, April 4
Session D
10:30am - 11:15am

Track Session Speaker Session Description
Robert McConnell
Telecommunications Accessibility Analyst
Federal Communications Commission Disability Rights Office

David Schmidt
Telecom Relay Service (TRS) Fund Program Coordinator
Federal Communications Commission  
Improving Customer Service for Sign Language Users Through Direct Video Calling

Every day thousands of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing use third-party operators over video relay services (VRS) to interpret their communications from American Sign Language (ASL) to voice in order to place telephone calls to customer assistance divisions of government agencies and businesses.  To improve the quality and privacy of these interactions, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented a direct video calling (DVC) solution that allows these consumers to communicate directly in ASL with FCC call center agents who also know ASL.  The FCC has done this by launching its own ASL Consumer Support Line, as well as developing and sharing an open-source DVC technology solution available for adoption by all.  This session examines the success of the FCC call center’s DVC experience and demonstrates features of the open-source DVC solution that can easily integrate into your existing call center technology platform. 
Customer Experience Drew Blanchard, EVP, Financial Services, Healthcare & Insurance
Sykes Enterprises
How to Create Raving Customers

This session provides key insights and strategies for achieving a competitive advantage in the marketplace by giving customers the experiences they crave and turning them into raving fans for your brand. Learn how to effectively leverage digital support channels and insight analytics in order to meet and exceed evolving customer expectations. 
Operations/Customer Engagement Management Corey Conklin, Vice President, Customer Care
High Stakes Service: Where Getting it Right Matters

Shutterfly is the leading manufacturer and digital retailer of high-quality personalized products and services with a bold mission of “Make the world a better place by helping people share life’s joys."  With such a personal connection to its customers, anything less than an exceptional customer experience is unacceptable.  Since many of our products are tied to holidays or life cycle events, customer emotion runs very high.     We also have to navigate the challenges of providing excellent service in a highly seasonal business where much of our front line support is on-boarded specifically for the peak season.    During the presentation, we will share how we utilize our people, process, and technology to overcome these challenges and ensure high quality and well trained customer service representatives are available to provide end to end support and emotional engagement with each customer, even during peak season.    We will discuss how we empower agents and measure customer satisfaction to get it right the first time because when the stakes are high, you don’t get a second chance to get it right.    
Compliance Compliance Officers Forum LIVE

Reid Houser, Global Director of Compliance, Sitel
Nick Whisler, Partner, Mac Murray & Shuster LLP
Michele Shuster, Partner, Mac Murray & Shuster LLP, PACE General Counsel
Suresh Subramanian, Vice President, Global Industry Relations, iconectiv
Compliance Officers Forum LIVE
Join the Compliance Officers Forum (COF) LIVE at the 2017 PACE Convention & Expo. Now in its 13th consecutive year, the COF brings together the best ideas and compliance techniques to deal with the latest regulatory and legal challenges.  We will discuss the most current and impactful compliance issues that affect your day to day business. 
During this session, we will provide an overview of important legislative, regulatory and enforcement developments and discuss compliance considerations for healthcare campaigns.
Whether you are a call center, an outsourcer or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to get something out of this session.
1.      Regulatory Updates – What’s changing in the industry
2.      Introduction and Overview of US Healthcare Rules – HIPAA 
3.      Implementing a HIPAA Compliance Program – For contract centers or companies hiring contact centers
4.      TCPA, TSR and state law implications/exemptions for the healthcare industry
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