The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) is the only non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that use an omnichannel approach to engaging their customers. For both business to business and business to consumer driven organizations, these channels include contact centers, email, chat, social media, web and text. While our Association was founded on contact center operations, the technology that fuels these businesses has advanced. We recognize that the digital transformation has forever changed the way in which our member companies engage their customers. We are passionate about growing businesses by improving the customer experience at the point of engagement.


PACE has identified 6 mega-trends that have continued to shape our industry: 1) maturing technology, 2) global customer engagement, 3) multi-channel strategies, 4) consumer privacy and protection, 5) mobile integration, and 6) big data/analytics.

When we changed our name, and ultimately our identity, from the ATA (American Teleservices Association) to PACE in 2012, it was not because our association model was changing. Rather, it was a result of a shifting industry paradigm. We realized that we needed to grow. We understood we needed to expand our outreach to our members--just as they needed to do with their consumers.

PACE has grown into the largest association in the world providing solutions around omnichannel customer engagement strategies with respect to marketing, customer service and compliance. Our membership is made up of Fortune 500 companies, contact centers, BPO’S, economic development organizations and technology suppliers that enable companies to contact or enhance contact with their customers. We have global reach, with many international organizations allowing our members to view and connect with what is happening with customer engagement strategies around the world.

A core mission of PACE is to proactively balance industry best practices with current regulatory concerns around engaging customers. PACE is the only Association that has a complete Regulatory Guide that has become the industry standard when you want to know about Federal and State regulations. Our mission is as follows:

We will enhance the ability of our members to provide outstanding customer engagement solutions in global omnichannel contact center environments through:

• Contact center advocacy

• Programs for sharing industry best practices and advancing professional education

• Meaningful and productive networking opportunities and events

• And, compliance guidance and accreditation, including increasing global regulatory awareness

From our National Convention and Washington Leadership Summit, Compliance Master Series seminars, to our Regional Chapter events, PACE provides the tools and opportunities that allow businesses to become involved and stay engaged with amazing networking opportunities. Simply put, our members work with other members.



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