Communication Protection Coalition Meeting

 PACE Communication Protection Coalition Invites You
Have you noticed a significant decrease in your contact rates over the last several months? 

Many PACE members have and had no idea why. The culprit is an issue with carriers, which have been provided direction by the FCC that call blocking or caller ID labeling with terms such as “scam likely” or “nuisance calls” is lawful. This is being done in an effort to stop illegal robocalls. Great idea in theory. Unfortunately, unintended consequences have resulted from the FCC guidance. Consumers and regulators are supplying carriers with complaints about specific phone numbers. The carriers in turn have hired analytic companies who use algorithms to determine if calls should be blocked or labeled. The biggest issue is the blocking of legal and wanted calls as the current system lacks visibility or awareness of the effect this is having on your calls.

This is a serious issue. PACE members are reporting that their outbound communications to customers are being drastically affected. Some companies who use outbound efforts for sales are now in jeopardy of stopping those initiatives because low contact rates are affecting the performance and overall viability of the effort. 

PACE is leading a coalition of associations that have a common interest in solving this issue under the leadership of Rebekah Johnson, CEO of Gloria-Mac and FCC Robocall Strike Force member. We invite you to our first meeting on September 20th immediately following our Washington Summit. We will be focused on this issue at the Summit and we urge all PACE companies to attend so they may understand the issue, PACE’s strategy and what we need from our members to solve the issue.

If you are already attending the 2017 PACE Washington Summit, please contact Chris Haerich at or 317­.522­.2762 for a complimentary registration code to this event.
Fee waived for Summit attendees and State or Federal employees
PACE Member Registration $150→
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Renaissance Washington D.C. Hotel, Congressional Ballroom A,
999 Ninth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001 

September 20, 2017
(following the 2017 PACE Washington Summit)

8 AM - 12PM (breakfast 8 - 8:30 AM)