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Join PACE and BenchmarkPortal for our free monthly educational webinar series. 
Each month, we'll bring you the latest in trends, technology and best practices for the contact center industry. 

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March 28th, 1 PM ET/12 PM CT 
Optimized Contact Center Learning: Tips on Making Training Your Competitive Strength
This Webinar will show you how to evaluate and improve your training through a 3-part process:
  • Stepping back to give your training strategic context
  • Drilling down to assess the nuts and bolts of best practices training programs
  • Hearing about how top centers put the pieces together to make it all work 
Come join us for a lively session on this key HR issue.  Time, attention and investment in employee learning often has the highest and fastest return.  Bruce Belfiore will draw on his experiences to illustrate a roadmap from where you are, to where you want to be - - and the benefits you can expect by achieving your training objectives.

February 28th, 1 PM ET/2 PM CT 

Benchmarking At Its Best for Contact Centers – Attaining Excellence Through Metrics 
Almost everyone benchmarks, but not everyone leverages benchmarking to achieve best practices excellence. Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal, will focus on five ways to use benchmarking to lower costs, improve customer experience, and bring recognition to your center by out-performing your competition.  This PACE Webinar will include useful stories of challenge and success that will help attendees set and attain measurable goals for their centers. 

January 24, 2018  1:00 pm ET
Let the Voice of the Customer Sing to You: Tips on How to Listen, Learn, Act, Improve
Many centers gather information on customer satisfaction, but few have truly optimized their fielding and feedback processes, or their ability to analyze and act on inputs to improve their performance.  Join us to for an engaging and information-packed half hour of best practices tips, followed by Q&A.  Learn to discover and interpret the discordant notes in the voice of your customers that can provide just the material and motivation you need to improve financial results and achieve excellence. This PACE Webinar will be hosted by Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal, and aims to help enhance your success in 2018!

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December 13, 2017
What? Generation Z? We Are Still Trying to Understand Millennials! 

Contact center managers have to be sensitive to generational differences for valid, practical reasons. You want to properly understand what employees are saying and thinking AND you want to communicate and motivate in ways that will be properly understood by others. Multi-generational centers are the norm, and they are always a challenge. Now Generation Z is coming along - when many are still grappling with managing the Millennials. This Webinar will help you to work your way through the weeds of these issues, and develop a managerial approach that will bring you success.

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