Contact Center 411

Congratulations to Contact Center 411, our PACE February 2020 Member in the Spotlight!  Contact Center 411 is an innovative CX consulting firm focused on helping call centers, help desks and BPOs optimize their customer-focused operations across many industries including Travel & Hospitality, Business services, Healthcare and Public Sector.
Contact Center 411 is not your traditional consulting firm.  Their team is comprised of recognized leaders in contact center operations who have hard-earned experience building and running large customer service organizations, many of whom have worn the headset and tapped the keyboard in an effort to solve a customer problem, sold a product or service, answered a simply inquiry or even just listened to a customer that needed to be heard.
The professionals at Contact Center 411 are passionate about customer service and carry that passion and their history on the front line to every client engagement.  Their team understands the pressures on the modern-day center – to improve CX & EX measures, drive up sales, reduce costs, retain staff – all in a constantly changing and competitive product/service and regulatory environment.
“Need a new management team? Need to ensure you are maximizing use of your new technology investments?  Need to explore use cases for AI or chatbots?  Or just need to ensure that the basics are done right, every time?  Contact Center 411 is there to guide you.”
Contact Center 411 became a PACE member this year and we congratulate them on being PACE's February 2020 Member in the Spotlight!



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