Breakout Session B

Session B

Monday, April 16
2:45 - 3:30 PM

Are you suffering the pains that come from delivering inconsistent customer experience across your business/BPO?

Steve Weston, EPIC Connections
Laureen Peltier, Securian

This session will help you uniform the customer experience across multiple verticals, channels and business lines.  We will provide you the inside secrets that will show you how to create a uniform platform and use that in all of your channels  business lines and verticals.  Our goal is a happy customer 100% of the time.


Marijuana in the Workplace – What Every Contact Center Operations Professional Needs to Know

Christine Cunneen, CEO Hire Image LLC

The vast legalization of marijuana throughout the country brings with it economic, regulatory, and social challenges to the workplace.  Employers continue to struggle with the dilemma of maintaining a drug-free workplace to help ensure safety and productivity, in light of the fact that more than 50% of the states have now legalized marijuana in some form.  This inconsistency among states and, more specifically, between states and the federal government leaves many employers wondering what the changing laws mean for the future of their existing drug screening policies and even asking “will they eventually become irrelevant?”  With the use of medical marijuana becoming more prevalent, as well as interpretations of the accommodation for such, considerations based on the Americans with Disabilities Act become even more complex.   All of these concerns will be addressed in this session.  Specifically, we will discuss the practical implications and best practices for employers, including:  understanding the potential impact on safety and productivity, testing in the workplace, the duty to accommodate medical marijuana, and the social implications on workplace culture.  We will also discuss tips on preparing for what’s next, staying abreast of the changing laws through continuing education, and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Mining for Gold in Customer Calls: Using AI to Put Quality Back into Customer Service 

Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer, Etech
Ram Gupta, Project Manager of Workforce Operations, Penske Fleet Management

There’s a goldmine of insights buried in the contact center, however manually listening to and analyzing every interaction is, cost prohibitive, prone to subjectivity and errors.  A combination of people + machine learning strategically mines every nugget of relatable data and transforms it into usable performance enhancing intelligence:
• Analyze every conversation in real time, and provide leadership with actionable, searchable insights based on VOC
• Identify clear next steps to infusing AI+HI into your operations

Are you Ready?
GDPR and Other Privacy Regulations: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You.

Matt Dumiak, CompliancePoint
Lori Mininger, Mac Murray & Shuster LLP

The new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect May 25th.  Are you ready? Attend this session and learn about the significant and costly penalties that could be levied for failure to comply.  Further, while GDPR is intended to apply only to companies doing business in the EU, its effects are being felt by call centers and other companies through contractual obligations.  This session will also provide a broader perspective on US privacy issues affecting all companies involved in customer engagement.