Breakout Session D

Session D

Tuesday, April 17
1:45 - 2:45 PM

Where to Next?

Jarrett Dunaway, Managing Director - Mohr Partners
Derith Jarvis, Managing Partner – Global Corporate Services - Mohr Partners
Misti Meggs, Managing Director of Site Selection/Economic Incentives - Mohr Partners
Keith Weaver, Associate Director of Business Intelligence - Mohr Partners
Grant Whittle, Senior Associate - Mohr Partners

The one constant is the world of business is change.  Through the recent past, we have seen numerous trends in the contact center industry, but where should we expect to see the new hub for contact centers grow in the next 5 - 10 years?  In this session, we will take a view of all the relevant and documented data that will outline the previous 15 years of the contact center trends.  Taking that information, as well as the relevant trends of today, including the use of technology, we can project where we see the contact center industry potentially going in the upcoming years. 


Finally, AI’s ability to listen to you customers: Turning the Contact Center into an Insights Center

Don Davey - Director of Customer Success, Communications Intelligence & Speech Analytics - Tethr

Tethr partnered with CEB (now Garter) and other best-in-class CX organizations to train Tethr’s AI to think like a research institution to understand what drives loyalty. Call centers have traditionally been viewed as cost centers with the primary goal of providing satisfactory customer service as cost effectively as possible. However, recent advances have turned the voice channel into a company's most valuable dataset. Learn how communications intelligence can unlock the value within the voice channel to provide insights that drive business value across the enterprise.  Turn your call center into an insights center to make a significant impact on sales performance, product and marketing intelligence and regulatory compliance.