Capitol Hill Visit/Advocacy Day

Capitol Hill Council/Advocacy Day
Tuesday, September 19th:

PACE is headed to Capitol Hill to educate members of Congress on our priority issues. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your lawmakers. Sign up for Advocacy Day at the 2017 PACE Washington Summit today!

What is PACE Advocacy Day?

As part of the 2017 PACE Washington Summit, PACE Advocacy Day will be held during the afternoon of Tuesday, September 19th and is your opportunity to meet with Congress to garner support for issues, like TCPA reform and telecommunications policy, and share stories about the impact government has in your business and community.

Why should I attend PACE Advocacy Day?

Congress can have a significant and powerful impact on our industry and the people we serve. It is imperative for PACE members to become involved with policymakers at the city, county, state and national levels, and to raise awareness of legislative and regulatory developments that affect organizations and constituencies.

At PACE Advocacy Day, you can expect three things:

  • Networking with your advocates from across the country.
  • Learning with experienced advocates during an interactive session with “Lobbying in a Box” on what to expect, our unified message for Capitol Hill, and materials to help state your case.
  • Go on congressional visits led by Capitol Hill Council Team Captains, who will make sure you get around the Hill with ease.

The Constitution guarantees the right to petition government, and PACE Advocacy Day gives you the map and materials to make your voice heard!

When you register for the 2017 Washington Summit, make sure to select the PACE Advocacy Day option to sign up for this unique opportunity.

Please note:  Capitol Hill visits are for PACE Summit attendees only.