Call Centers CARE Session

Tuesday, April 17

Call Centers CARE Session
Under the direction of PACE’s (ATA’s) previous CEO, Tim Searcy, our philanthropic initiative, Call Centers CARE, was born.  Call Centers CARE... where PACE members come together to make a difference in their local communities, where they live and work. Our members have responded positively to this spirit and have given generously of themselves, through time, talent, and treasure. We've collected food for the hungry; toys, books, and school supplies for less fortunate children; built homes for the poor; mentored the disadvantaged; and helped in countless other ways.

Join us on Tuesday, April 17th from 2:45 – 3:45 PM to hear from various PACE members on how they are impacting the world around them to improve human welfare.

Session 1

Long time PACE member, AnswerNet, recently entered into a new partnership with Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)'s newest division Connect Direct - ASL Contact Centers.  Our mission is simple, help businesses sell more to the 3M+ people in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community while helping to employ the 1.5 million under and unemployed deaf and hard of hearing people in America.

CSD is building contact centers using deaf agents and wants to partner with PACE members to deliver direct services to our companies and our clients.
AnswerNet has been working with the FCC on integrating FCC developed software that not only brings video into the call center, (queued up like any other channel in its omnichannel platform) but also allows those members of the DHH community to use traditional technologies such as video phones to reach the contact center.

Gary and Craig will demonstrate how call centers and Connect Direct can work together to reach these goals.  They will share their technology and operating processes that make serving this underserved market easier and more achievable than ever before.

Craig J. Radford?
A natural leader with over twelve years’ experience in Video Relay Service (VRS), Radford was one of the first few minds to shape the industry. His impact on the growth of VRS resulted in one of the largest private equity acquisitions in Utah history, worth close to $1 billion. He also worked as a consultant for Sprint Nextel, securing several multi-million-dollar state contracts.
As a speaker, author, coach, presenter, and executive with a broad background in education, sales, business growth, and management, Craig Radford brings a proven track record of leadership, integrity, performance, and adaptability, making him a natural choice to compel organizations to action on all their diversity and inclusion goals.
As a writer, he helps those stuck in neutral to change the way they think, find a positive outlook on life, and reshape what it means to achieve. He aims to provide light and hope in a world full of negativity.
Radford also serves on the coaching staff for the USA Olympic basketball team that won gold in Samsun, Turkey in 2014 and won silver in Taiwan in 2015. He received Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Business Information Systems from Utah State University and studied in the MBA marketing program at the University of Phoenix.
As a Deaf professional in a Hearing world, Radford has dedicated himself to closing the gap that exists between language and cultural barriers. The more than 100 presentations he led over the past calendar year helped shape a motivating and inspiring talk unlike any other.

Gary Pudles

Gary Pudles is the Founder and CEO of AnswerNet, a North American-based call center provider that was built through acquisitions. He is also the co-founder of TextGen, SA Billing, Subout and has invested in many other organizations including (a chartered bus-sharing system) and, a video application that allows you to see the person at your front door, has also been funded by other like-minded entrepreneurs including Richard Branson.

Pudles is a winner of the SmartCEO Best-Run Companies award and the prestigious "Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year" for business service providers and has led AnswerNet to the 21st spot on the Inc. 500. He also teaches Entrepreneurship at the University Of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Of Business and is a regular participant in Startup Camp and the Intl' Startup Festival.

Pudles’ philosophy is that every project must be with the intent of helping companies run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. However, it must be according to their unique style — not by forcing them into a predetermined template, but by replicating proven processes and adding that custom twist unique to their needs.

Session 2


100 Women that Care 

Driven by the desire to make a difference and inspired by other great 100+ Women Who Care (WWC) groups around the United States, Canada and the world, we have created a local philanthropic group of fabulous women who are capable of doing great things in our community.
The Concept
Longtime PACE member and volunteer, Stephanie Millner, Teleperformance, is at the helm of this organization in Arizona and is bringing this to all of our attendees.
In memory of Tim Searcy, PACE and our Convention attendees can donate to the Indianapolis Lung Cancer Research Foundation “Free to Breath” Run/Walk.

  • PACE and Teleperformance will match the donations made by Convention attendees, up to $500
  • To donate:

Session 3

CareerBox: Transforming Lives and Driving Economies 
CareerBox is a non-profit job skills provider based in Durban, South Africa offering work readiness programs and development opportunities for marginalized youth who otherwise have limited prospects of formal employment.
The mission is to empower young people by developing necessary job skills that unlock their full potential and enable them to be agents of change in their own lives, communities and in the world.  Through innovative partnerships philanthropies and clients, Careerbox has trained and placed 18,000 young people in sustainable BPO jobs and is on track to impact the lives of 100,000.
CareerBox is evidence that the BPO industry can deliver on the hopes and dreams of youth and contribute to economic growth in key markets by harnessing latent talent from marginalized communities.

Lillian Chege
Lillian W. Chege is Managing Partner at CareerBox. Her primary responsibility is to establish CareerBox as the premier talent incubator in South Africa and other markets within Africa. She works collaboratively with the leadership to deliver on the vision to transform CareerBox into a provider and industry agnostic institution and by doing so, accelerate the growth of local economies and contribute to Africa’s transformational agenda.

Prior to joining CareerBox, Lillian spent seven years at the Rockefeller Foundation implementing and scaling global programs that addressed youth unemployment and harnessed the power of technology for greater social and economic outcomes. Lillian’s thematic expertise include youth workforce development, digital literacy and inclusion, public health, women’s economic empowerment, energy poverty and supporting local entrepreneurs to boost the economic security of communities. Lillian was born in Kenya and is currently based in New York City.