CECP Overview


Highly skilled customer engagement professionals are in extremely high demand and a PACE certification is exactly what employers desire. When you earn your CECP credential through PACE, you earn nationwide recognition with an exclusive group of knowledgeable, skillful and committed engagement professionals.

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Train for Your Certification

Taking the steps to become a CECP will position you as a leader in the customer engagement compliance community and a specialist in the knowing rules and strategies of customer engagement. Customer engagement  is serious business and so is the proper training and preparation. It is important to take time to prepare the CECP exam and PACE has developed three different ways you can prepare:

  1. Study with the CECP E-Learning Online Training Series. The CECP E-Learning Online Training Series is a recorded self-study course produced by PACE. Available in U.S. in the English language, it is designed to prepare candidates for the content and format of the actual exam. The CECP Recourse Guide is required for this course.
  2. Attend the 2-Day Live CECP Training Course. This 2-day, instructor-led course provides the essentials needed to pass the CECP Exam and become a Certified Engagement Compliance Professional. This course, in combination with the CECP Resource Guide and E-Learning Online Training Series will provide you with a superior combination for passing the exam. View the Calendar of Events for locations and dates.
  3. Self-Study. The CECP Exam questions are derived from material contained in both the CECP Resource Guide and E-Learning Online Training Series.
Take and Pass Your Certification Exam

The CECP Exam tests your knowledge and expertise in the five primary areas of customer engagement tenets: Knowledge of Regulations, Policies and Procedures to Consider, Training, Monitoring and Enforcement Considerations and Record Keeping.

Free study documents include the

  • CECP Practice Test, 
  • PACE Regulatory Guide Workbook, and 
  • Recommended Reading List.

Stay Certified

Once you’re certified, maintain your CECP credentials by submitting your CEE credits to chris.haerich@paceassociation.org


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