CECP Process



The steps of the certification and examination process for CECP are as follows:


  • Complete the purchase of the CECP certification training, study materials and exam
  • REGISTER to take the appropriate examination via scantron testing through the PACE website
  • Take the exam(s) at your confirmed location and date/time. Immediately before the exam is administered, candidates will be required to sign a candidate certification statement and confidentiality agreement
  • PACE will send the candidate a score report within 14 business days indicating whether you've passed the examination and achieved certification
  • Each of these steps can be explained in greater detail by contacting chris.haerich@paceassociation.org

Application and Fees

A completed registration will require the following:

  • Registration for an exam upon purchase of certification materials
  • Full payment of CECP training and exam fees

The current PACE member training and exam fee is $975 USD.
The current PACE non-member training and exam fee is $1,700 USD.

To take advantage of the member certification and exam fees, a minimum of a PACE Silver membership fee is required.
Notification of any change in certification and exam fees will be made at least three months prior to the implementation of the fees.

Scheduling an Exam

PACE currently offers two distinct testing modes—event-based scanttron testing and self-study testing. Exam content will change with every scheduled exam. Candidates may register for the scantron testing via the PACE website. The candidate will be provided an exam reservation confirmation email that includes exam day details, including location, time and any building security procedures and a personal exam code. Keep this reservation confirmation email; you will need to present it at the testing center. Self-study exams can be scheduled within ninety (90) days of registration wih the program administrator.


Customer Engagement Compliance Professional (CECP) scantron exams are administered at locations listed on the Calendar of Events once updated.


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Program Changes:

If there is a change in the scheme of the CECP certification that requires additional assessment, we will notify affected candidates and provide information on our website about what actions are necessary to verify that candidates comply with any change requirements.


PACE understands the importance of impartiality and will act impartially toward all certification candidates. We enforce our commitment to impartiality by continually monitoring processes to assure impartiality and by managing any apparent or perceived conflicts of interest.


All information posted on our website or made available through publicity materials in any medium are verified for both accuracy and currency.


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