Compliance Officers Forum

Compliance Officers Forum

The Compliance Officers Forum brings together the best ideas and compliance techniques to deal with the latest compliance and legal challenges facing our industry. If you're a compliance officer, attorney or someone interested in learning about the regulations that govern it, this is your opportunity. You'll become part of a growing community of compliance professionals facing the same kinds of challenges and tackling similar issues. 

The Compliance Officers Forum provides a place to ask questions, provide answers and share your compliance experience and legal insight with like-minded professionals.

How the Forum Works

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The Compliance Officers Forum is an open discussion where everyone can participate. Members drive the debate, asking questions and providing answers. The Forum meets monthly via conference call to discuss important issues, late-breaking regulatory trends and new legislation. Participants can pose questions anonymously by submitting an email to PACE prior to the next session. 

Attendees at the PACE Washington Summit can partcipate in the Compliance Officers Forum Live, held annually at the event. 

Compliance officers understand the importance of staying in the know about the latest issues and best practices. Keep your company in compliance by becoming a member of this knowledgeable group.

You can lend your experience to others and gain the tools you need to be a success in your compliance efforts. Join the Compliance Officers Forum today. 

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