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Government Affairs is short for: Advocacy

By Robert A. Kobek, Volunteer Chair, PACE GA Committee


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The PACE GA committee’s objective is to represent and benefit members (and non-members) of the customer engagement/contact center – multi channel sales and service delivery industry, while working with both the state and federal governments to ensure that objective.


Government can be a benefit to the business community, if our representatives in Congress are educated about what we do, how we do it and how many people (jobs) are positively impacted.


There is a whole lot going on that has both positive and negative consequences to our customer engagement/contact center industry.


Legislators still don’t understand what we do,

Regulators will always lean toward more regulation and

Consumer groups continue to paint us with the same broad brush they always have.


This continues to put us in the category of the old boiler room, smoke filled, phone rooms of the long ago past.


We are educating members of Congress, both in Washington and in their home districts. We meet regularly with members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We monitor court cases, state legislative initiatives, (of which there are many) and all the while we continue to raise funds for our PACE-PAC. Our PAC allows us the financial ability to continue these efforts.


Michele Shuster, PACE General Counsel, does not miss a meeting of State Attorneys General, (NAAG, etc.). This year Stuart Discount, PACE Chair, has already visited with the FTC and the FCC numerous times.


The many volunteers at PACE have been very busy advocating! We have been focused on building an efficient way of engaging you, our members, to help us continue these efforts.


How can you help? If we were going to build a recruiting ad it would be something like this:







Provide time, talent and treasure on the Government Affairs Committee for a recommended 12-month cycle. Volunteer time focuses on working, planning, and executing strategies surrounding the PACE mission with government officials so that our members can conduct their business, free from being encumbered by government. If interested, please contact one of the Council Chairs below and join the committee!


Political Action Council:

Exactly what it sounds like. Raising money for the PACE-PAC and then assisting in determining how and who to disperse funds to. Victor You, Quicken Loans/Rock Connections and Jimmy Danz, Wyndham, co-chair this committee.


Currently, there is $25,000 in the PACE-PAC (our report is available on the FEC website). The goal is to quadruple that amount so that we can increase our effectiveness when meeting with legislators.


Capitol Hill Council:

The CHC, led by Reid Houser, Sitel and Nicole Ehrbar, Quicken Loans, builds and manages our conversations with members of the House and Senate. For example, there is a very strong effort to maintain the momentum to visit the Hill on Tuesday, September 19th at the PACE Washington Summit. When you register for the 2017 PACE Washington Summit, consider signing up for the visits to the Hill. We will arm you with all the tools you need to meet with members of Congress, so that you can talk about our industry and the negative impacts overreaching legislation has on it.


Federal Legislation and Regulation Council:

There are so many acronyms in our government, that keeping track of them is more art than skill. But that is what the FL&RC does. They communicate regularly with the FTC, FCC, CFPB, NAAG, etc. Those acronyms have names of people that Council Co-Chairs, Michele Shuster, PACE General Counsel and Stuart Discount, PACE Chair, have contact with and due to their diligence and the hard work of those that were there before them, some of those agencies call us now to start dialogues.


State Legislation and Regulation Council:

There are roughly 474 pieces of legislation in the state legislatures in the United States today that impact us, or could impact us in the future. Ken Sponsler, CompliancePoint and Michele Shuster, PACE General Counsel and Nick Whisler, Mac Murray and Shuster, keep us informed so we can deploy our local membership when necessary.


Everyone mentioned in the Council descriptions is a volunteer, with real jobs and real reasons to be advocates. The tireless effort and work that they put in benefits all of us in the customer engagement/contact center industry! Come join us and help make a difference!




Bob Kobek

Volunteer Chair, PACE Government Affairs Committee

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