With the ever changing engagement compliance industry, we must stay abreast and ready for the next big bang! That’s why PACE requires Continuing Engagement Education (CEE). To maintain your certification, you must complete 10 hours of CEE per year for three years (the length to the certification’s validity).


How to Earn CEE Credits

There are six (6) easy ways to earn your CEE credits: 

  1. Attend and/or speak at a PACE National event
  2. Attend and/or speak at PACE Regional/Chapter event
  3. Attend or hold PACE hosted webinars and other education opportunities 
  4. Attend a PACE monthly Compliance Officers Forum monthly call
  5. Read a book and submit a summary to PACE
  6. Attend and/or speak at another contact center/customer engagement event and submit to PACE or review and CEE approval

You’ll automatically receive CEE credits for attending PACE sponsored webinars and other education opportunities as long as you are registered for the event.

If there is a non-PACE affiliated engagement compliance program you’d like to receive credit for, please submit your request to Susan Burt for consideration.


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