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Telemarketing Appointment Setting Best Practices: Part 3
All outbound telemarketing appointment setting professionals know that the third key component of success is the list that you are calling. In this 3rd part of this series on telemarketing appointment setting, I’ll share my experience with curating the best outbound call list. 

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Will Video Conferencing make you regret referring to your contact center as ‘multi-channel’?  Consider these issues.
As much as the contact center world is deploying AI and bots, like any other business, to optimize its operations with existing humans, or someday replace them, there has been a parallel, a growing body of practice that's known as "Video Customer Service" that is quietly changing our industry.

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Telemarketing Appointment Setting Best Practices: Part 2
There is a fine line between selling an appointment and diving too deep into selling the product or service that you’re setting the appointment to discuss. A successful telemarketing appointment setting program provides just enough information to peak the prospect’s interest, without putting the telemarketing agent in a position where they have so much information that they are tempted to go too deep in the appointment setting call.

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How To Determine Inbound Service Level Goals
Determining inbound service level goals is one of the most important factors for anyone responsible for the inbound call center function. Determining the right inbound service level goal is not straight forward. A study conducted by AT&T 30 years ago determined that 80% of calls should be answered in 20 seconds or less.

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Telemarketing Appointment Setting Best Practices: Part 1
Telemarketing appointment setting is a cost-effective way to use less expensive people resources to set appointments for your salespeople. The best telemarketing appointment setting initiatives have many things in common.

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Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Cloud Contact Center Implementation
Your industry needs, your business needs, and your operations are extremely unique, making no two cloud contact center solutions alike. The implementation process is a metamorphosis that takes a cloud contact center technology platform and transforms it into the right solution for your company.

But with so many variables and configurations involved, identifying your contact center needs can be a tricky process. Many clients, vendors, and even consultants get caught in traps during the design and implementation phases. Here are the cloud contact center implementation pitfalls to avoid and the best practices executives need to craft solutions that meet your company’s needs.

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Do You Have Centers In Just One Country? Today, You’re Losing Growth; Tomorrow, You Could Be Losing Business.
When globalization hit the call center industry in the mid-90’s, it was no surprise that cost was the biggest motivator.  Economic arguments are very powerful in business. Only such a powerful argument could motivate previously global-unaware corporate executives and managers to consider having their customer calls answered half a world away, with all that entailed.
Fast forward 25 years, and with the third decade of this millennium upon us in little more than a year, the tables may be turning. And only a mix of global and domestic work strategy is right for many executives and managers.

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Stop Guessing And Start Acting With Artificial Intelligence
It seems that more and more everyday processes and jobs are starting to include a measure of automation, where there’s less for flesh-and-blood humans to do a specific task to be completed. That’s most certainly become apparent when it comes to call centers. With that in mind, you should know there’s much to be gained when you harness the power of AI and people rather than let it become a source of anxiety.

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The Anatomy Of Security Phishing
With this brief, we will be discussing six of the most common phishing attacks.

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Caught In The Cross-Fire: Contact Rates Continue To Decline
Recent initiatives spearheaded by the FCC, intended to combat robo-calls, are accidentally blocking legitimate calls from companies innocently trying to reach their customers.

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Important Forecasting Considerations For Inbound Contact Solutions
It’s said that the heart and soul of most companies is their Inbound Contact Solutions operation (also known as an inbound call center). This vital department with an organization has an opportunity to get key customer insights and the call center interactions often make or break the customer relationship.

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The IPaaS Revolution: Call Centers And Next-Gen Integration Tools
There's a lot of hype around robotic processes and business process automation in the call center, but what technologies are truly driving digital transformation in customer service? The answer: integration platform as a service, otherwise known as iPaaS.

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Robocall and the Contact Center Industry
Sometimes, it is difficult to tell the difference between a reliable telemarketer and someone who uses the phone to lure callers or promote hateful messages. In this age when almost everyone has a mobile phone, robocallers can follow consumers wherever they go. They can attack them in just one click.

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Why Purchasing Refurbished IT Hardware Can Be Good for Business
Today's refurbished IT hardware, when understood correctly, is none of those things. In fact, most has been inspected for full functionality, cleaned and repaired if needed and upgraded to current specifications and software needs. Assuming that refurbished hardware has been used regularly for a few years is also incorrect. Many of these items have been used on short-term lease projects, in asset recovery or are returns from customers who decided not to keep the products.

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Continuous Process Improvement: A Part of a Call Center's DNA
No matter what industry your call center is in continuous process improvement, a method of continually redesigning business protocols for increased efficiency is a vital cornerstone of business excellence. CPI can turn a struggling company into a major competitor in whatever industry your business is in. By systematically reviewing current company procedures and introducing incremental changes, you can provide the foundation for a breakthrough.

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Don't Ignore Reality: Employee Engagement Begins in Agent's Pockets
Depending on the pundits you read, we have a crisis in employee engagement in the American labor force.  Gallup reports that only 1/3 of all workers in the American economy report feeling "engaged" at work.  Within the call center industry, surveys like McKinsey's show that it's actually much worse. 

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3 Ways Call Center Quality Improves With Artificial Intelligence
The communication that occurs between customers and agents in your call center hold incredibly valuable information. There are many industry advancements that make it easier to collect insights captured by those calls or text-based chats, but Artificial intelligence (AI) is one that has proven incredibly valuable for the call center sector. AI is an especially powerful tool regarding improving and maintaining quality levels in your customer interactions.
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Whose Job Is It Anyway?
Who is responsible for the customer experience (CX) in an organization? While your average contact center agent has a responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction, agents alone cannot control the entire brand experience of a company. The brand experience includes elements such as product quality, marketing and sales, technology, and retail shopping experience.

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The Best of Both Worlds Is Required, But It Is PEOPLE Who Add More Value
“Integrating HI + AI into daily contact center business operations has the potential to reshape the workplace and provide beyond belief opportunities for growth.”

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Worthwhile Work = Success At Telemarketing Agencies
I can't tell you how many times per week I get a telemarketing call and before the call is completed I find myself shaking my head. I shake my head because so many telemarketing agencies engage in practices that harm our industry. There is a stigma that is associated with the telemarketing industry and that stigma exists primarily because of a small number of companies that have no regard for poisoning the well for the rest.

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Chatbots Are Useful, Not Powerful!
Today's world is strangely divided when it comes to views and belief systems involving artificial intelligence. This is not a new thing, as new ideas have always been regarded with skepticism and distrust until they take hold in society. Even the first automobiles were thought of as little more than toys that would never gain a foothold in society.

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Call Center Management
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is nothing short of iconic and is a staple on bookshelves of leaders everywhere. There are lessons to be learned by anyone that chooses to pick up the book. I was recently thinking about this book and wondered how I would change the lessons if I was making the list specifically geared towards managers that work in call center services.

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The Right Call Center Location: A Guide For Evaluating Cities And Countries
There's a lot of hype around robotic processes and business process automation in the call center, but what technologies are truly driving digital transformation in customer service? The answer: integration platform as a service, otherwise known as iPaaS. Here's what you need to know.

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Worried About Employee Engagement?  
Are You Getting It Wrong From The Start?  Start Talking “People” Instead Of “Seats”

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