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Plan your own progression of studies by taking one or all five courses!
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In-Person Contact Center Training

Management Certification
These Courses will equip you with the skill set you need to improve your center’s performance. You will be able to return to your business and drive effective change for your contact center and use best practice methods.
  • Learn best practices and cutting-edge trends as you benefit from the expertise of our training team
  • Enjoy valuable networking opportunities with your peers
  • Share experiences with other call center professionals and learn how they meet daily challenges
  • Learn how to implement improvements that will reduce cost and increase productivity
  • Apply your training to make a real difference at your company
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On-Demand Contact Center Training
Quality Assurance Certification
The call center quality assurance training workshop is designed to meet the needs of the Director, Manager or Quality Analyst responsible for delivering a “best-in-class” quality monitoring and coaching program. 
Coaching for Performance
This course explores the various components that make up an effective coaching for performance program, and provides you with a coaching methodology to help your team members gain greater competence, and overcome barriers to improved job performance.
Workforce Management Certification
BenchmarkPortal’s contact center training Workforce Management workshop covers the entire process – from the gathering of data to how to forecast, schedule and estimate your budget. We include lessons that benefit attendees from any size organization, large and small. 
Supervisor Certification
This Supervisor Certification course covers the ingredients for great supervisors and exceptional supervisor-led teams. The course both makes the participant step back and look at the supervisor role from a higher level, and explores the day-to-day interactions that make all the difference for success.
Agent Training
This contact center agent training course is aimed squarely at front-line employees who interact with customers every day. This course provides the tools and techniques needed to succeed in developing your agents.
Our training offers comprehensive classes that can be presented on your site and customized to fit your needs. The program is designed to focus on improving the skills needed to add value to job performance and exceed customer expectations.
The class size is controlled to maximize the personal experience and impact. Classes are small enough for one-on-one interaction with the instructors, yet large enough to share experiences and encourage peer learning.

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Free Monthly Webinars

Among the member benefits of the PACE/BenchmarkPortal partnership are FREE, monthly webinars addressing issues and topics based on PACE member feedback.  These webinars focus on valuable content that can be used in managing a variety of operations.
The 40-45 minute webinar includes a slide presentation by BMP CEO and Senior Research Executive Bruce Belfiore.

Previous topics include:
• Gen Z and the Multi-Generational Center
• Voice of the Customer
• Benchmarking at its Best
• Make Learning Your Competitive Strength
• Leadership and Mentorship Skills

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