PACE Files Ex Parte Notice

Last Thursday, Michele Shuster, PACE General Counsel, and Karl Koster, Chief IP and Regulatory Counsel for Noble Systems Corporation and a PACE Director, met with staff from FCC Chairman Pai’s office to discuss ongoing industry efforts to establish call blocking and labeling best practices that stop illegal calls while preserving legal ones. They informed the staff about the PACE-led Communication Protection Coalition’s progress and anticipated best practices guidance to be issued in 2019. They also discussed the FCC’s recent proposal for a reassigned number database, and cautioned that such a database would likely come with increased costs to contact centers and companies that use telecommunications to engage their consumers. Following the meeting, PACE filed a notice with the FCC containing more specific examples of the costs associated with a database and urged the FCC to look to the National DNC Registry for historical perspective on database costs. This was the second meeting between PACE and FCC leadership in just the past month as PACE continues to advocate for its members.
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