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A self-regulatory organization is an organization that contributes a portion of regulatory authority with governmental oversight bureaus in particular industries or professions.

PACE elected to form an SRO based on our belief that complementing the American federal and state teleservices statutes and regulations with a broad set of SRO standards provide contact center businesses with a platform of best practices, documentable procedures and measurable compliance tools.

The PACE-SRO incorporates aspects of governmental regulations and consumer protection rules for contact centers. The goal of the PACE-SRO is to assure a positive teleservices experience for consumers and provide an objective system that reinforces companies’ commitment to government compliance.

Ultimately, companies seeking the highest caliber of customer care, best practices and compliant behavior can apply to receive the PACE-SRO Seal of Accreditation. Companies that conduct a PACE-SRO Independent Audit of their firm, or of their suppliers, may receive the PACE-SRO Seal of Accreditation and operational risk mitigation. Displaying the seal to consumers and other firms is evidence of their integrity of contact center operation!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the PACE-SRO, please contact PACE by email or call (317) 816-9336.

TSD Global recently recertified as a PACE SRO accredited business, and we are an active member of PACE. At TSD we take tremendous pride in our ability to deliver industry leading customer service by becoming an extension of our partners’ businesses.  In order to achieve this, we have a culture that is geared toward sales and support, along with compliance and security.  Sometimes those can seem like opposing forces, PACE SRO is able to bring harmony by looking at the big picture.  The PACE SRO process is instrumental in building a company that not only uses cutting edge best practices but does so within the confines of world class regulatory and compliance standards.  PACE SRO is one of a kind in that it not only focuses on regulations and laws, but directly on the customer experience.  Everything about the PACE SRO certification process is built to align your company with the gold standards in the contact center industry, and we at TSD Global would highly recommend it.

John Billington
CTO | 
TSD Global

How the SRO works