How To Prepare


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PACE recommends that your CECP exam preparation include the following:

  1. Study the CECP RESOURCE GUIDE. Take and review plenty of notes!
  2. Review and understand the CECP eLEARNING ONLINE TRAINING SERIES. Concentrate on the clarity of the content!
  3. Self-evaluate. Review the Book of Knowledge and Exam Blue Print to identify your areas of most concern. Refer to your recommended reading list and other study material for help.
  4. Attend a 2-day live training course. Locate a training course in your area or purchase the convenient webinar training series.
  5. Understand the context.  Read PACE’s publications, check out what’s happening on our blog and try out the tools people are using in our resource center.
  6. Practice makes perfect! Take the practice test provided with the training materials and time yourself over and over again.

In general, we recommend that you study for a minimum of 60 hours in advance of the exam. That’s 1 hour daily within 60 days prior to the exam. YOU CAN DO IT!

Still have questions about exams? Contact PACE at to find out everything you ever wanted to know about CECP certification.


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