Federal/State Update

Federal Affairs Update

PACE Chairman Stuart Discount and General Counsel Michele Shuster attended the NAAG Spring Consumer Protection Meeting on May 15th. The meeting focused on consumer privacy protection and celebrity product endorsements without proper disclosure. The public portion of the agenda also addressed additional pressing topics in consumer protection, and included sessions on disruptive technologies, class action and the Class Action Fairness Act, notices and disclaimers, social media marketing, and the Spokeo court opinion.

PACE Chairman Stuart Discount, Government Affairs Committee Member Nicole Ehrbar, and General Counsel Michele Shuster met with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) new leadership on May 16th to discuss PACE’s role in the customer engagement industry. Several important matters are currently pending with the FCC including the Robocall Blocking Notice of Proposed Rulemaking recently published by the FCC, which can be seen here.  PACE is drafting a comment to this Notice and we encourage our members to submit comments as well. The deadline for comment submission is July 3, 2017.

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