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Updates From The Bar: TCPA Defense Counsel Discuss The Latest Trends In The Courts
The explosion of TCPA cases has continued in 2017. Financial institutions, call centers, and debt collectors continue to be major targets. But the TCPA class action attorneys and professional plaintiffs have enlarged their targets. And the courts have struggled to keep up with the case load.
The changing of the guard from Chairman Wheeler to Chairman Pai at the FCC, and the uncertainty surrounding what the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will do when it finally resolves the ACA appeal of the FCC’s now-infamous July 2015 Omnibus TCPA Order, have created further uncertainty for the U.S. courts being called upon to manage the exponential growth of TCPA litigation.
Spend an hour with two seasoned TCPA defense attorneys from Innovista Law, home of the TCPA Defense Force, to learn about the latest trends in TCPA litigation. Martin Cunniff and Joe Bowser will discuss a variety of developments, ranging from:
  • Emerging cases against mobile apps and their use of consumers' contact lists;
  • Proliferation of reassigned-number and VoIP-service cases;
  • Professional plaintiffs ratcheting up their TCPA claim by having a garbled conversation with the SMS platform rather than simply texting "STOP" to opt out; and
  • Shifting developments in how—and even whether—the courts are putting any rational limitation on the FCC's expansive notion of the "capacity" of an autodialer.
Our Speakers  

Martin Cunniff
Martin Cunniff is a seasoned litigator with almost 30 years experience in all types of complex litigation. He is a member of Innovista Law and part of the TCPA Defense Force. Before he joined Innovista Law, he was with large law firms, which included a 10-year stint as Chair of Commercial Litigation for the then-largest litigation firm in the world. He has extensive trial experience in state and federal court as well as before arbitration tribunals and regulatory agencies. He has been involved with all types of telecommunications litigation, but now focuses on TCPA litigation defense.
Joseph Bowser
 As a former partner of a leading law firm in Washington, DC, Joe Bowser has spent the majority of his career litigating complex telecommunication, privacy, consumer protection, and intellectual-property-related matters.  He has handled lawsuits from coast to coast, in state and federal court on an individual and class basis, and also advocated before state and federal regulators. His TCPA experience includes counseling and defending clients from a wide range of industries, such as media, technology, fashion, higher education, insurance, and banking, as well as the platform providers who enable their marketing campaigns.
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