A Political Action Committee (“PAC”) is a registered political interest group that works to align itself with federally elected officials to establish a seat at the legislative “table.”  Many do not understand what is involved to either facilitate an industry awareness among Members of Congress, nor what those Members must do to campaign for their office or re-election.
The PACE-PAC was formed in order to raise awareness about the contact center industry and lend support to those political candidates who impact it.  The interests of ours, in the contact center industry, are typically unique.  Due to our patchwork of regulations at the federal and state levels, there are few other industry verticals that share our exact profile when it comes to lobbying Washington on our talking points. 
The PACE-PAC is critical for PACE to have a bigger presence on Capitol Hill and in State Houses across the nation.  The funds raised by PACE-PAC are contributed to Members of Congress and candidates for Congress who have been sensitive to the interests of the contact center industry or are in a position to influence legislation affecting the contact center channel. Many candidates that support the contact center channel from coast-to coast have received direct and indirect support through PACE-PAC.  Currently, PACE has begun a campaign to intensify both the PAC’s size and its effectiveness.
Contributions to Political Action Committees are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes and may only be made by individuals, not companies. Further, contributions are generally limited to $2,100 per primary plus $2,000 per general election cycle.  Individuals may contribute up to a maximum contribution of $5,000 per calendar year.