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Every customer interaction is a reflection of a company’s brand.  In a marketplace where companies can’t afford to take a single customer for granted, it’s critical that the story behind the brand is communicated accurately and consistently, in every opportunity.  Do agents know what sets the brand they represent apart?  Are they confident in telling the story?  This four-part webinar series will explore ways to ensure contact centers are acting as marketing ambassadors and delivering the desired customer experience.  

Topics will include:
  • Every touchpoint is a branding exercise - Ways to integrate brand elements into each customer conversation
  • Are they “bought-in”? - Measuring agent attitudes and perceptions toward the brands they represent
  • Where to start? - Best practices for building confidence and pride in the brand story
  • Measuring the payoff - The benefits of improving alignment between customer-facing roles and marketing (KPIs)

Webinar Three
“Brand Triggers” – Mobilizing Your Team When Marketing Priorities Shift
In our first webinar in the series, we discussed why it is so important to align contact center operations with the company brand strategy.  In our second session, we talked about how to translate the brand into behaviors and then make those behaviors second nature for the agents who talk to customers every day.  In our third session we will discuss how to mobilize your brand representatives when the marketing strategy changes.  We’ll talk about the marketing “triggers” – from product launches to full re-branding – that will require your agents to adapt and how to mobilize them to represent the brand successfully.

Session Outline
  • Key brand-driven events (“triggers”) that require your team to mobilize.
  • How can contact centers can stay aligned with the brand strategy even when the brand is always evolving.
  • Pitfalls to avoid so your agents don’t lose faith in their products and services.
Thursday, February 7th
1 PM ET/12 PM CT

Webinar Two
Integrating the Brand into Agent’s Routines
In Session 1 of the “Putting Brands First” webinar series, host Chris Wallace discussed consumer trends and the need for a more differentiated and “branded” customer experience.  This session will pick up the topic by discussing ways the unique elements of a company’s brand and value proposition can be integrated into daily contact center routines.  Brands can’t just be about advertisements, they need to connect with customers in every interaction!

Wednesday, December 5th
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Webinar One 
Putting Brands First: Aligning Brand Strategy with Contact Center Operations to win over Customers and Employees.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
12 – 1 PM CT/1 -2 PM ET

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