Enhancing Your Contact Center Operations Part 1

By Stuart Discount

There are many groups, associations, chambers and clubs that individuals and organizations can belong to in order to promote and further their business.  At PACE, our members benefit not only from being a part of the ONLY trade association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that engage with customers via the contact center – their customers benefit.

How can organizations and their customers benefit from PACE?  In the first of our three-part series “Enhancing Your Contact Center Operations”, I will outline some of the most relevant and rewarding benefits PACE provides its members.

Part 1
Data Privacy

In today's world, data breaches are all too common. With all the valuable customer information contact centers collect on a daily basis, it is no surprise that a medium-sized call center can get hit with thousands of fraudulent calls a month.  

Identity theft, fraud and data protection (think health care records and credit card statements) are all things that contact centers need to be cognizant of, and it's absolutely essential to take the right steps to protect your business and its customers

Considering how much the contact center environment has evolved over the past few years and the rise of the omnichannel, it's more important than ever to assess the strength of our security measures and protect our customer's information from any security risks.
But data protection and privacy can get tricky.  It’s an ever-changing, complicated landscape that PACE helps its members navigate.  We’re at the table, bending the ear of lawmakers to ensure that rules and regulations, as they apply to contact centers, are fair, balanced and consistent.  PACE is fighting for your business by making sure there is ONE federal law on data privacy instead of 50 state laws.

PACE provides its members with all of the information needed to comply with data privacy laws.  PACE holds educational sessions on data privacy and will continue at the forefront of changes so that our members can be compliant.

PACE is proud of our membership.  What other association, club, chamber or organization has members who can help you with your data privacy needs?  The power of PACE is in our membership and their employees.  The power of PACE is in our mission to advocate for and educate on a variety of contact center topics – data privacy is one of the highest priorities.

The power of PACE is in our track record, our passion and our results.  The higher the volume and quality of our membership, the more power we have to effect positive change.  I encourage anyone who is impacted by the contact center industry to research data privacy and what your organization is doing to combat this ever-growing issue.

If you don’t know what is being done or don’t understand it, PACE can help!

In the second part of the Enhancing Your Contact Center Operations series, I will address robocalls and how PACE is on the right side of that issue!
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